live shows

2024 Club Cupid EP Release Party, The Gasometer
2024 Thursgays, Yah Yah’s
2024 Tab Family Support, Workers Club
2024 Queer Lunar New Year, Pride of Our Footscray
2023 Trans Day of Rememberance, Transgender Victoria
2023 Queer Workship Melbourne Fringe
2023 NEOSTAR Single Launch, Yah Yah’s
2023 Fryers St Food Festival, GV Pride
2023 WIIGZ Support, Yah Yah’s
2023 FYP Pride, Minus18
2023 Collarts Pink Pride Party
2023 Cresfest, Youthrive
2023 Thursgays Drag Rave, Yah Yah’s
2023 Moomba Festival
2023 Victoria’s Pride, Open Seen
2023 Midsumma Carnival
2023 The Red Quilt at Miscellania, Maggie Madfox
2022 Charlie Hanrahan Support, Workers Club
2022 Continuum, Platform Exhibitions x Open Seen
2022 Vetta Borne Rose Avenue Tour, The Gaso
2022 Out In The Open Festival, GV Pride
2022 Syn Sessions at Brunswick Artists Bar, Syn
2022 Twenty Something Premiere, Avalon Bar
2022 All-Ages Tour Shepparton, The Push
2021 Out In The Open Festival, GV Pride
2020 Riverlinked Live, Riverlinks
2020 Out In The Open Festival, GV Pride


2024 Revive & Thrive, PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival
2023 Underground Runway, Melbourne Fashion Week
2023 Fashion x Theatre, Melbourne Fashion Week
2023 Erik Yvon Runway, Afterpay Australian Fashion Week
2022 Ecommerce, JD Nike Air Max
2022 Ecommerce, Felix Sleepwear
2022 On Golden Days, James J. Robinson
2021 Rollie Nation Campaign
2021 Tones and I, Spotify Advertisement
2020 Gun Shy Campaign
2019 Fucking Young Magazine, Andy R Hair
2019 RMIT Masters of Fashion Runway
2019 Day Seven Campaign
2019 Hair and Beauty Industry Awards, Cassi Capelli
2018 RMIT Masters of Fashion Runway

acting / movement

2023 New Gen of Ballroom Showcase, Pride of Our Footscray
2023 Shantaram Featured Extra, AppleTV+
2022 Bring On Wonderful Ad, Virgin Australia
2021 Canary MV, Howlite
2020 Weather Girl MV, Dianas
2020 Wet Matter, Monash Museum of Art
2019 Lanzou Beef Noodles Campaign
2019 I Think You’re Great MV, Alex the Astronaut
2019 Take You Out MV, Moaning Lisa
2018 Hauntville Halloween Festival
2018 Place of Dreams MV, Birdz ft. Ecca Vandal
2017 Matthew Bourne’s: Lord of The Flies, New Adventures Re:Bourne/Arts Centre